Navjyoti partners with the agricultural commodity and processing industry to provide complete supply chain management solutions that meet our customers’ expectations of quality of service, productivity and cost minimisation. We consistently deliver effective and efficient services that help customers’ manage their supply chains and forge partnerships founded on trust and mutual respect.

Procurement & Supply Chain

Our strategically chosen locations, extensive and well penetrated network coupled with trained resources who are equipped with the right tools ensure that we are effective in sourcing the right quality of agri produce for our customers. A critical element is minimising wastage and through agile, efficient and timely handling of the agri produce we ensure that we put a smile on our customers face. we constantly strive towards innovating newer practices, identifying efficiencies while managing costs for our supply chain business partners.

We are proficient in simplifying and streamlining the procurement and supply chain services while ensuring enhanced performance from each link of operations within the value chain. With our presence and network across the Country's agricultural markets, mandis, trade centers, we provide a quick turn around. We also create a bridge between the markets, farmers and processing units across the nation

Collateral Management

At Navjyoti, we ensure that we provide capital support, safe, secure custody and reliable pledge of agri-produce kept as collateral. We help reduce the operating risk by ensuring that stored commodities remain under safe custody and comply with contractual requirements of our business partners. Our services consist of structured warehousing for commodities pledged as collateral to a bank or financial institutions. It helps in reducing the trading and transaction risk of commodities.

We ensure the quality and quantity of the Agri based collateral, providing price information required for margin calls and aids in dispatch of the commodities as per requirement. We also ensures that the commodities are adequately insured for risks such as natural calamities, burglary, etc.

We ensure safe and secure custody of commodities through adaptations of various technologies such as closed circuit surveillance, electronic temperature and moisture meters.

Storage & Preservation

At Navjyoti we are constantly evolving in observing global trends and applying preservation mechanisms in our own warehouses. We apply advanced storage techniques and our internal licensed fumigation teams ensure that they are vigilant in observing developments and also adhering to the operating procedures.

We make all efforts to ensure the commodity is protected from natural causes like pest, insects  and detrimental climatic conditions, by maintaining ideal storage and preservation practices for better output of quality products while increasing the shelf life without the loss of essential nutrients and moisture content.

In order to have ideal storage and preservation conditions, our warehouses have the following criteria: scientific dry agri-warehouses, strong ERP and IT, support with centralized database connectivity, uniform and standard operating procedures across all locations, in-house licensed fumigation team , certified pest control measures, in-house lab facilities with trained quality control staff, strict safety and security measures and better aeration and ventilation facilities.

Trade & Commerce

Our dedicated team focus on tracking the eco-system related to agricultural produce and commodity markets across the globe. The team constantly refers to our well penetrated network in India to capture the pulse of the local market. This data is then converted into meaningful information for our customers to enable them in effective decision making. Our pan India presence permits the flow of real time market data thus assisting us in passing on the best information for profitable business decisions for our customers. Our vast network helps us connect our customers to the most distant business partners.

Intelligence Services

We pass on to our customers, the exact predictions and analysis on the forecasted weather and climatic conditions, crop-intelligence and market price trends to enable futuristic decision making. Our reliable resource bank, technology and experience is capable of forecasting almost accurate weather conditions across the country and also share seasonal and unseasonal market price trends and charts.

Value Added Services

We equip our stakeholders with modern agricultural market like environment at our warehouses and Agri Logistics Parks. We create an agricultural market like environment amongst all our properties enabling various stake holders with a point connect and a gamut of service provisioning to leverage ease of trade and transaction. The types of logistics services provided by us are:

Railway Rake Handling - Indent placement, coordination & correspondence with Railway Department, rake placement, supervision of loading / unloading process, quality control, security & supervision during transit. 
Truck Transport Management - HNT coordination, arrangement & placing of trucks, supervision of loading / unloading process, quality control, security & supervision during transit.
Labor Management - Arrangement of labours, supervision of loading / unloading at warehouse.
Fumigation Services - Fumigation under our own license
Audit & Reporting - Internal, external audits and monthly physical verification and reporting to the clients.
Pest Management - Need based fumigation, rodent control, spraying and prophylactic treatments to the stocks.

Testing & Certification

We operate state-of-art NABL accredited testing and certification laboratory. Our testing services comprise of agri commodity testing, food and water testing, and pharmaceutical testing. The team is inclined to follow latest testing standards published by various renowned accreditation bodies including ISO, AOAC, AOCS, GAFTA, BIS, FSSAI, IP and AGMARK. We are committed to deliver fast, accurate and reliable test results meeting global quality standards specified by ISO/IEC: 17025:2005, FSSI, BIS, FDCA & GLP.

Navjyoti Commodity Management Services Ltd.
Uptown Banjara, 5th Floor, Road No. 3,
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana, India - 500034
Tel: +91 40 40126876, +91 40 47861201
Fax: +91 40 23553358

Navjyoti Commodity Management Services Ltd.
Uptown Banjara, 5th Floor, Road No. 3,
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana, India - 500034
Tel: +91 40 47861201
Fax: +91 40 23553358